Receiving transaction termination notifications

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A TU (transaction user) can register to be notified of transaction terminations. To enable it, call SipStack::registerForTransactionTermination() on your SipStack object.

When transactions terminate, the SipStack will pass a TransactionTerminated TransactionMessage up to the TU through the TUfifo. This is retrieved by the TU through a call to SipStack::receiveAny(). The message indicates if the transaction is client or server and also provides the associated transaction id.

class TransactionTerminated : public TransactionMessage
     TransactionTerminated(const Data& tid, bool isClient, TransactionUser* tu) : 
     virtual const Data& getTransactionId() const { return mTransactionId; }
     virtual bool isClientTransaction() const { return mIsClient; }
     virtual std::ostream& encode(std::ostream& strm) const { return encodeBrief(strm); }
     virtual std::ostream& encodeBrief(std::ostream& str) const;
     Data mTransactionId;
     bool mIsClient;