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The reSIProcate community is growing rapidly. Our efforts are being widely adopted by both open source applications and organizations creating commercial products. In order to continue to help this community grow, the project is moving to its own environment - We anticipate this move will help us bring even more members into our community.

What this means to you as a user of the resiprocate codebase:

  • only a change in where to go to find the latest code and information

What this means to you as a contributor:

  • you'll need to do an svn switch to the new location of the repository (Do this now. the repository at is already set to read-only - you will need to execute the switch before committing):
     svn switch --relocate

The lists have been automatically moved - you will not need to do anything to subscribe. Posts going forward should be sent to <listname>

Why did we make this change?

It is clear that both the reSIProcate and sipX communities are thriving. While exploring their continued growth over the last several months, we determined that they are more likely to thrive as independent cooperating organizations than they would continuing to operate under a single unit. This restructuring will allow both projects to focus more closely on the needs of their users and contributors. SIPFoundry will continue to exist and be home to sipX and the remaining projects currently hosted there. We anticipate that there will be continued (and hopefully re- energized) cooperation between our projects.