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Accounts at are required for editing the wiki and submitting changes to the Subversion repository. A prior expectation to having an account is to be active in the development forums, so discussions there will be the best way to come into the community. Start with suggestions and patches, and consistency of contributions will be the best way to be invited to participate more directly. For joining the lists, please see the reSIProcate Mailman.

Anyone with an existing account can add a new account (and the only way to get an account is to convince someone with an account to add one for you). Account creation is done through the wiki.

If you have an account and are ready to add a new account for someone, use the Signup page. Note that this means you are vouching for them since at least some minimal privileges are conferred just by having the account, do not add an account for someone if you have any doubts (send a note to the developers list if you want confirmation first).

To complete the process, the new account will need to verify their e-mail address by following a URL mailed to the address. After the confirmation the new account will automatically be granted the ability to edit the wiki.


For subversion commit access, an administrator will be required to add the account to the group associated with the appropriate repository. Send email to the development list requesting commit privileges for the new account.

Changing Your Password

If you have an existing account, you can change your password here:

Editing the wiki

For tips on editing the wiki, see

To mark a page as obsolete or out-of-date, use the templates {{OBSOLETE}} or {{OOD}} at the top of the page. See the ReSIProcate_1.0.0_Release page source for an example of how to insert the templates.

Login issues

For login issues (for instance, forgetting your password), contact the administrator at <email></email>.