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Warning: The information contained on this page is known to be obsolete, you may want to ask on the mailing list for opinions around how to proceed if you are interested in this area.

The autotools build system was an experiment in moving away from the custom build setup to a more standardized autotools build environment. It is not currently being maintained, and is unlikely to work. This feature will probably be removed at some point in the future.

To build reSIProcate using the 'autotools' build system, build Resiprocate as follows:

[Go into the 'sip' directory]

$ sh ./
$ sh ./
$ mkdir compile
$ cd compile
$ ../configure {config options}

# OR (for example)

$ ../configure -C --enable-shared --enable-ipv6 --enable-data-local-size=16 --disable-elog
$ make

Note: there are usually errors in the test subdirectories when compiling. These do not affect the building of the library, but they have not been fixed just yet. Note: there may be problems building DUM since DUM development has been outpacing autotools maintenance of the DUM subdir.

This method builds the libraries in sip/compile/resiprocate/.libs

This autotools installation is *not* yet suited for doing a *make install* target.

If the machine your're building on has several versions of autotools, set the following environment variables first:

export WANT_AUTOCONF=2.5
export WANT_AUTOMAKE=1.8