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** [https://github.com/TelepathyQt/telepathy-qt telepathy-qt on Github]
** [https://github.com/TelepathyQt/telepathy-qt telepathy-qt on Github]
** [https://github.com/TelepathyQt/telepathy-morse telepathy-morse component], a connection manager developed in C++ using telepathy-qt
** [https://github.com/TelepathyQt/telepathy-morse telepathy-morse component], a connection manager developed in C++ using telepathy-qt
* [http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/Components/ list of many telepathy components including connection managers]

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Telepathy is the communication framework of the Free Desktop project, commonly used as part of GNOME and KDE desktops on GNU/Linux distributions. Telepathy works with back-ends (connection managers) and front-ends such as the GNOME Empathy application for voice, webcam and IM chat.

There is currently a SIP connection manager for Telepathy called telepathy-rakia based on Sofia SIP. Sofia SIP is no longer actively maintained (last release 2011) and has fewer capabilities than reSIProcate.

Creating a reSIProcate-based connection manager for Telepathy is now viable because reSIProcate packages are available on the major GNU/Linux distributions.

The reSIProcate ReCon API is a high-level API that conveniently supports the API calls for a Telepathy Connection Manager.

It is necessary to

  • develop and test glue-code for mapping the Telepathy API calls for voice/video calling to ReCon API calls
  • develop and test glue-code for mapping the Telapathy API calls for IM (presence, messaging) to Dialog Usage Manager API calls.
  • create a package of this code, potentially called telepathy-resiprocate, for the Linux distributions

To maximize the usefulness of this project, it would first be desirable to adapt ReCon to use libjingle instead of sipXtapi, for compatibility with WebRTC clients and all the latest codecs, SRTP, AVPF and other features. Use of libjingle is tracked in Bug #93.

License validation

  • The libjingle license is BSD
  • The reSIProcate license is Vovida (not GPL compatible)
  • The Telepathy and Telepathy-glib licenses are LGPL, this is compatible with the reSIProcate and libjingle licenses.

Reference material