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Repro Test Plan[edit]

Basic Calling Scenarios[edit]

  • INVITE/180 200/ACK BYE/200 both directions
  • INVITE/180 CANCEL/200/487/ACK both directions
  • INVITE/180 4xx/ACK as caller
  • Make / receive basic call behind a NAT (with UDP)


  • Sipura SPA-2000
  • Cisco 7960
  • Xten eyeBeam
  • snom 2000
  • Cisco 3600 gateway
  • SER proxy (running at iptel.org)
  • Grandstream Bugetone
  • sipXphone
  • Vegastream phone
  • Jasomi B2BUA
  • M5T proxy server

Scenario tests[edit]

  • Make a call with TCP
  • Make a call with TLS
  • Forking test
  • Spiral test
  • Loop test
  • Basic load test - create 1000 test users, register them at certain rate, make basic calls at certain rate, specify average call duration before sending BYE.

Load Tests[edit]

Repro was load-tested using SIPp tool. It was running steady when initiating 200 new Full Call Flow (not authenticated) scenario every second using udp connection. This figure implies that repro can hold at least 60,000 concurrent calls for an average 5 minute call.

Test machine: Intel Xeon 3.2GHz running Fedora Core 4