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152 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
45 reSIProc reTurnSe Slgodin NEW --- specifying hostnames to bind to Fri 02:42
76 reSIProc reTurnSe Slgodin NEW --- uses IPv6 link-local addresses Fri 02:42
112 reSIProc reTurnSe Slgodin NEW --- add support for short term/single use credentials Fri 02:43
116 reSIProc reTurnSe Slgodin NEW --- need a runtime option to disable IPv6 support Fri 02:43
158 reSIProc reTurnSe Slgodin NEW --- reTurn: if not binding to INADDR_ANY use the sockopt IP_FREEBIND Fri 02:42
160 reSIProc reTurnSe Slgodin NEW --- reTurn: update for asio 1.18.1 Fri 02:43
13 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- resip stack issue with code 503 2009-04-28
14 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Memory leak on UdpTransport & ConnectionBase 2009-04-29
18 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- AbstractFifo::getNext(int) timeout may become unlimited if system time was changed backwards 2009-04-30
19 reSIProc dum (lib unassigned NEW --- 183 with no contact leads to no dialog being created 2009-05-19
20 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- Build failure with GCC 4.4.3 2010-01-25
21 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TlsConnection buffer allocation broken for >16k messages 2010-06-21
22 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- StatisticsManager poll problem 2010-09-29
23 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TransactionState::process() should not copy RAck from request to response 2012-01-18
25 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Force creation of Transaction ID for request methods 2012-06-26
26 reSIProc repro (r unassigned NEW --- RegSyncServer does not close the socket the currect way Fri 02:38
27 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- make fails: SSL_get_current_cipher returns const ptr 2012-07-16
28 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TurnSocket acquires mutexes incorrectly 2012-07-11
29 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Build issues with 1.8.4 2015-09-16
30 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Running reTurnServer --help crashes (pure virtual method called) 2012-07-17
31 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Reuse of Transaction ID can lead to assert in resiprocate 1.7 2012-07-17
32 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- reject INVITE without ICE candidates or other criteria Fri 02:37
33 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- complete the passwordHashAlt (ha1b) support Fri 02:54
34 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Stopping SipStack and popping TimerMessages from TimerQueue causes memory leak. 2012-09-13
35 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Implement a NonceHelper for FreeSWITCH 2012-09-26
36 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- add support for changing the NonceHelper in repro.config Fri 02:37
37 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- must consume (and remove) Proxy-Authorization headers Fri 02:37
38 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- lazyparser crash 2012-12-01
39 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Build warning: stun_server_ctx.c:347:11: warning: variable ‘hmacPassword’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable] 2013-03-11
40 reSIProc dum (lib unassigned NEW --- Destruction of ServerSubscription usages for NOTIFY failures is too generic 2013-04-11
42 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- put recon build flags into and 2013-06-22
43 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Support for WebSocket connections from Apache/other HTTP server 2013-06-22
44 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- binding with DNS names Fri 02:37
46 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Stop using SipMessage to parse the WebSocket HTTP headers 2013-09-28
47 reSIProc repro (C unassigned NEW --- CommonNameMappings should use database storage and web admin Fri 02:36
48 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- support encrypted key files 2013-10-28
49 reSIProc dum (lib unassigned NEW --- resiprocate-1.8.11/resip/dum/ClientRegistration.cxx:276: bad if test ? 2013-11-19
50 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- allow users to impersonate other users Fri 02:37
51 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- allow plugin to supply an alternative AuthenticatorFactory Fri 02:37
52 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- allow plugin to supply an alternative AbstractDb Fri 02:37
53 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- use partial config results for logging failure reason 2013-12-30
54 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- ConfigParse should abort more gracefully when helptext requested 2013-12-30
55 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- RADIUS: no meaningful feedback when permissions problems exist with seqfile 2013-12-31
56 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- RADIUS: code needs a cleanup 2013-12-31
57 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- RADIUS: seg fault when server name found in hosts file 2013-12-31
58 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- better stream connection garbage collection and ulimit management 2014-01-02
59 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- move WebRTC cookie auth code to AuthenticatorFactory Fri 02:37
60 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Use configured source port for outgoing TCP connections 2014-01-03
61 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- Using database / data access code from repro as a library for other applications Fri 03:36
62 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Make OpenCSW packages 2014-01-03
63 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Fixing Solaris build for OpenCSW 2014-01-03
64 reSIProc repro (C unassigned NEW --- should use DIGEST instead of HTTP basic authentication for web admin Fri 02:36
65 reSIProc repro (C unassigned NEW --- support for other web admin users and permissions Fri 02:36
66 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- ConnectionManager / findConnection logic should consider TLS peer names 2015-08-18
67 reSIProc repro (C unassigned NEW --- repro should reload users.txt when HUP received Fri 02:36
68 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- allow listening sockets to be passed in by caller Fri 02:37
69 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- repro should reload certificates and CAs when HUP signal received Fri 02:37
70 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- improve PID file handling Fri 02:37
71 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- segfault when trying to bind privileged port Fri 02:37
72 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- LocationServer sometimes rejects a call even if StaticRoute or PyRoute provided routes Fri 02:37
73 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- when using RADIUS, LocationServer can't distinguish unknown and unregistered users Fri 02:37
74 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- Conditionally define Windows error codes 2014-03-17
77 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- Mismatched return types for TuSelector::getExpectedWait 2014-04-02
78 reSIProc reConSer unassigned NEW --- CDR logging Fri 02:21
79 reSIProc reConSer unassigned NEW --- Python integration, like pyroute in repro Fri 02:21
80 reSIProc reConSer unassigned NEW --- use something other than noreg as the default user Fri 02:21
81 reSIProc reConSer unassigned NEW --- segmentation fault on startup using RunAsUser Fri 02:21
82 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- check certificate validity and purpose on startup 2014-04-24
83 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- When an Invite message has a header of Proxy-Authorization with invalid value, stack is unresponsive Fri 02:54
84 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- triggering selinux denial (rhel 5.10) 2014-05-23
86 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Reason text in BYE messages not quoted 2014-08-12
87 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- after SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE, SSL_write must be called with identical arguments 2015-03-22
88 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- log routines may need to filter binary content 2015-04-27
89 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- Stored xss in repro 1.85 Fri 02:37
90 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Enable Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) with TLS 2015-09-18
91 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- support TLS on multiple ports for same domain 2015-07-08
92 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- Develop a Telepathy Connection Manager 2016-07-08
93 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- Use libjingle instead of sipXtapi for the media stack Thu 05:48
94 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- specify different authentication requirements for each transport Fri 02:37
95 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TLS: warn or refuse to run with wildcard certificates 2015-09-18
96 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- remove mTlsCtx from Security.hxx 2015-08-13
97 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- log symbolic error names instead of numeric errno values 2015-08-18
98 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- add Ganglia monitoring support Fri 02:37
99 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- create JNI interface to librecon for Android 2015-08-18
100 reSIProc reConSer unassigned NEW --- WebRTC client support Fri 02:21
101 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TLS: ensure Server Name Indication (SNI) is supported 2016-08-05
102 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- basic TLS virtual hosting support Fri 02:37
103 reSIProc reTurnSe unassigned NEW --- support RADIUS authentication Fri 02:52
104 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- resolve all compiler warnings and then set builds to fail on warnings 2015-09-18
105 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- RPM spec file: review feedback from Fedora community about dhparams generation 2015-10-29
106 reSIProc iChat-GW unassigned NEW --- update for latest gloox API 2016-09-17
107 reSIProc iChat-GW unassigned NEW --- add support for other XMPP clients with standard jingle 2016-09-17
108 reSIProc iChat-GW unassigned NEW --- need to review the way gloox headers are included 2015-11-11
109 reSIProc iChat-GW unassigned NEW --- ensure IPv6 compile enabled when BUILD_ICHAT_GW selected 2015-11-11
110 reSIProc iChat-GW unassigned NEW --- rename ichat-gw to xmpp-gw 2015-11-11
111 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- can't send BYE or CANCEL over WebSocket link after cookie timeout Fri 02:37
113 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- build with OpenSigComp in travis-ci 2015-11-16
114 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- improve PostgreSQL thread support verification logic Fri 02:37
115 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- ensure PostgreSQL client code is thread safe Fri 02:37
117 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- should be more tolerant of PostgreSQL connection issues Fri 02:37
119 Derivati main unassigned NEW --- plugin for cPanel 2016-03-06
120 Derivati main unassigned NEW --- plugin for Plesk 2016-03-06
121 Derivati main unassigned NEW --- OpenWRT / LUCI plugin for configuring repro and reTurn 2016-03-06
122 Derivati main unassigned NEW --- create OpenWRT package of resiprocate/repro/reTurn 2016-03-06
123 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- evaluate and optimize battery use on mobile devices 2016-03-06
124 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Android: support sleep / alarm API 2016-06-21
125 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- improve support for runtime network IP address changes 2016-03-06
126 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- improve support for mobile platforms 2016-03-06
127 reSIProc reConSer unassigned NEW --- add video support Fri 02:21
128 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- rewriting From header of outgoing calls Fri 02:37
129 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TLS: SNI support for client connections 2016-08-05
130 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TLS: SNI support for server connections 2016-08-06
131 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- TLS: support for ACME (Let's Encrypt certificates) Fri 02:37
132 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- use DTLS_method instead of DTLSv1_method 2016-08-19
133 reSIProc iChat-GW unassigned NEW --- must create StanzaExtension subclasses for Apple/iChat extension types Fri 02:08
134 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- add support for remote SysLog with RFC-5424 2016-10-14
135 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- support for log4cpp, log4cplus or log4cxx 2016-10-14
137 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- tries to use wrong port when opening stream-oriented connections for sending responses 2016-12-05
138 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- "./configure --without-repro" still builds repro Fri 02:37
139 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- handling ACK with sip.rendering="no" and missing SDP 2018-11-09
140 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- use a third-party library for HOMER HEP/EEP support 2019-01-09
141 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- support for MySQL server failover redundancy Fri 02:37
142 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- upgrade MySQL code to use new C++ X DevAPI Fri 02:37
143 reSIProc reflow ( unassigned NEW --- audio jitter buffer fast-forward effect when there is latency / packets delayed 2019-01-21
144 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- AbstractDb: numeric values stored and retrieved in host byte order Fri 02:37
145 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- Use GStreamer instead of sipXtapi for the media stack 17:08:34
146 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- split the recon signalling process and the media relay process 16:28:20
147 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- Use Jitsi-Videobridge instead of sipXtapi for the media stack 16:28:20
148 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- if not binding to INADDR_ANY use the sockopt IP_FREEBIND Thu 05:39
149 reSIProc registra unassigned NEW --- registration-agent shuts down very slowly, maybe AMQP thread Thu 05:22
150 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- create official Docker images Thu 05:25
151 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- recon reflow: generalize code for access to media stack 16:28:20
152 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- repro add mechanisms to reload database tables changed by external processes Fri 02:37
153 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- create a normal schema for MySQL tables, similar to create_postgresql_reprodb_v2.sql Fri 02:37
154 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- read directly from new PostgreSQL and MySQL schema Fri 02:37
155 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- update and possibly combine README_MySQL.txt and README_PostgreSQL.txt Fri 02:37
156 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- ACL and staticroute list, support placeholders/macros/variables of some kind Fri 02:37
157 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- check if we have write access to database tables, only show Edit buttons for writeable tables Fri 02:37
159 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- DtlsTransport: implement the onReload method, reload certificates at runtime on HUP Thu 08:36
161 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- TlsBaseTransport must catch exception on certificate reload in getCtx Thu 10:40
162 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- ReproRunner: refactor and condense the addTransport code Fri 02:37
163 reSIProc telepath unassigned NEW --- telepathy: need to finish the proof of concept Thu 11:02
164 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- endianness: check database content matches the host byte order at startup Fri 02:37
165 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- acl aclavp table transport value is stored as an int, change to a string Fri 02:37
166 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- create alternative script for the new v2 database schema Fri 02:37
167 reSIProc repro (c unassigned NEW --- complete SNMP support for all metrics available from Kamailio Fri 13:29
168 reSIProc dum (lib unassigned NEW --- high-availability failover, replicating dialog state between multiple processes Fri 09:23
169 reSIProc reflow ( unassigned NEW --- reflow/dtls_wrapper/test relies on a private header file, srtp_priv.h not always available Fri 12:42
170 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- Use Kurento instead of sipXtapi for the media stack 16:36:06
171 reSIProc recon (l unassigned NEW --- support for multiple sessions (e.g. video and audio) from each Participant 16:56:26
8 reSIProc rutil (l unassigned NEW --- cache poisoning vulnerability in ares DNS 2008-11-26
6 reSIProc stack (l unassigned NEW --- Hard-coded limitation on Content-Length over connection-based transports 2008-12-02
152 bugs found.