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What is repro?

repro is a an open-source, free SIP server.

repro provides SIP proxy, registrar, redirect, and even identity services. repro provides the foundation needed to run a SIP service.


Current Features

  • Transports: UDP, TCP, TLS (v4 and v6)
  • Platforms: Win32, Linux, MAC OS/X
  • Binary distributions: exe(win32), dmg (MAC), rpm (Redhat)
  • RFC 3261 compliant proxy and registrar
  • RFC 3263 compliant: NAPTR, SRV, A, AAAA
  • Extendable features
  • In-memory location server
  • Embedded web server and user database for basic administration
  • Full support for draft-ietf-sip-identity-04
  • IPv6


Goals for 0.1 release (beginning of May)

  • source tar ball available
  • binaries available for Windows (exe), Linux (rpm), MacOSX (dmg)
  • allow web admin to modify and delete users and static routes
  • add access lists for devices that don't need to authenticate (like gateways)
  • tested according to test plan

Goals for 0.2 release

  • high availability (distribution of user database and registrations across a geographically diverse server farm)
  • call forwarding
  • certificate/credential service (draft-ietf-sipping-certs-01.txt)

Goals for 0.3 release

  • support for the GRUU extension and outbound-only connections

Test Plan

Basic Calling Scenarios

  • INVITE/180 200/ACK BYE/200 both directions
  • INVITE/180 CANCEL/200/487/ACK both directions
  • INVITE/180 4xx/ACK as caller
  • Make / receive basic call behind a NAT (with UDP)


  • Sipura SPA-2000
  • Cisco 7960
  • Xten eyeBeam
  • snom 2000
  • Cisco 3600 gateway
  • SER proxy (running at iptel.org)
  • Grandstream Bugetone
  • sipXphone
  • Vegastream phone
  • Jasomi B2BUA
  • M5T proxy server

Scenario tests

  • Make a call with TCP
  • Make a call with TLS
  • Forking test
  • Spiral test
  • Loop test
  • Basic load test - create 1000 test users, register them at certain rate, make basic calls at certain rate, specify average call duration before sending BYE.