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reSIProcate Chat Rooms

These jabber chat rooms are available for discussion of reSIProcate:


You can use any jabber accounts[*] you already have set up to join the group chat on If you have a resiprocate developer account, you can login to the jabber server on using that -- in form of <your-username> The server is running the standard pair of ports depending on what your client supports: port 5222 requires TLS via STARTTLS, and port 5223 begins SSL on initial connection. Configure your client to allow plaintext authentication (which will only take place over the SSL/TLS encrypted connection because of the server-forced security). The server will present a certificate rooted at - the root certificates, if you don't already have them, can be found at <>.

Jabber Accounts

Any XMPP/Jabber compliant client (that supports group rooms) and server should be able to connect to the group chats. A partial list of public servers that have been verified to work are:

If you have an existing account on one of those services, just join the group chat after logging into to your existing chat account.

Jabber Clients

The following is a list of Jabber clients that have been tested with resiprocate chat rooms:

  • Gajim (*recommended client for Linux, also runs on Windows)
  • Adium (*recommended client for Mac OS/X)
  • Pandion (*recommended client for Windows)
  • Psi (has outstanding multi-user chat support, runs on all major platforms)

Others can be found here:

Note:  Although you can use your Gtalk account to connect to the resip group chat server, 
       the Gtalk client does not have group chat support (with MUC protocol), so you must 
       use another client from the list above.