DUM Overview

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The DialogUsageManager (or dum) is the main interface to the dum library used by the application. Any dum application needs to create a dum object. In typical applications there would be a single dum object for the entire application. This single dum object could manage multiple user agents. By default the construction of the dum object creates a SipStack. dum has the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Manages profiles
  • Manages AppDialogSetFactory
  • Manages and stores Handlers (DialogSetHandler, InviteSessionHandler, ClientRegistrationHandler, ServerRegistrationHandler, ClientSubscriptionHandler, ServerSubscriptionHandler, ClientPublicationHandler, ServerPublicationHandler, OutOfDialogHandler, ClientPagerMessageHandler, ServerPagerMessageHandler, RegistrationPersistenceManager)
  • Manages redirections (RedirectManager)
  • Manages client authentication (ClientAuthManager)
  • Manages server authentication (ServerAuthManager)
  • Interface to add new Transports
  • Manages handles to Usages (HandleManager)
  • Provides interfaces to create new sessions as a UAC (invite, subscription, publication, registration, pager, others)
  • Provides interfaces to find particular usages based on a DialogId

Working with the Dialog Usage Manager